1. An SPF is a way to measure school quality and help the district make decisions related to school support and improvement. It is a tool that measures school culture as well as academics.

    It answers important questions such as:

    • Are students progressing academically?
    • Are parents satisfied?
    • What is the school’s culture?

    Schools will receive a School Performance Report (SPR) annually that shows how they performed on defined metrics.

  2. An SPR shows how schools performed on the metrics defined by the SPF. SPRs will be user-friendly for parents and published annually. They will be available online to anyone who wants to see how SAISD schools are performing.

  3. The state accountability system is based primarily on assessment results such as STAAR tests. The SPF is a way to measure aspects of school quality beyond assessment results. It is grounded in a “whole child” philosophy that places importance on measures of campus culture and climate, as well as academics. The SPF will allow the district to measure all the qualities that are important to SAISD schools and families and to provide targeted support and distribute resources equitably based on the results.

  4. Schools benefit from the SPF in several ways. They can use the SPR to identify and build upon strengths and improve weaknesses. Additionally, it will help the district distribute resources more equitably and based on a school’s individual needs. It will also be used to empower educators and give them more autonomy over their day-to-day operations. For example, higher performing schools will receive increased autonomy over the use of talent, time, and resources, while lower performing schools will receive additional resources and targeted supports.

  5. The results of the SPF will be available online and on the enrollment guide so that parents can see how schools performed on the metrics that matter to them. They can learn more about the metrics that impact school quality and the targeted supports schools need to be successful.

  6. District stakeholders, including executive leadership, district and campus leadership, teachers, parents, and students, will be involved in the development of the SPF. The district is engaging stakeholders to make sure the SPF measures the qualities that are important to all stakeholder groups.

  7. The SPF will be grounded in a whole child philosophy. The specific metrics are still being developed, but based on current stakeholder engagement, it will likely include measures of student achievement, student progress, social emotional learning, and campus culture.

  8. SAISD is currently in the process of developing the SPF. In the fall of the 2020-21 school year, the Pilot SPF will be launched across the district. Schools will receive an SPR with their results, but this report will be for informational purposes only.